The Complete Suckipedia

51. Abandon your blog for two weeks to whimsically gallivant around Ireland.
50. Knock over a store display.
49. Blind yourself with a camera flash.
48. Volunteer to participate in a magic show.
47. Encounter the dreaded trash juice.
46. Spill a tub of popcorn within twenty seconds of purchasing it.
45. Drop a contact lens.
44. Become terrified by a mouse.
43. Run into a plate glass window.
42. Land on Boardwalk.
41. Forget how to operate your tongue.
40. Fail to maintain consciousness.
39. Attempt a journey up the down escalator.
38. Explode a pen.
37. Patronize a cat.
36. Look at your watch when asked for the date.
35. Purchase a cheap umbrella.
34. Buy something from an infomercial.
33. Forget to remove a price tag.
32. Spill hot coffee onto your groin.
31. Trip over the only obstacle within a 100-foot radius.
30. Drop your toothbrush in the toilet.
29. Become trapped in an article of clothing.
28. Slip n’ Slide n’ Skid face first into a tuft of grass.
27. Pluralize words that have no business being pluralized.
26. Step in something unidentifiable.
25. Fall out of bed.
24. Miss a doorknob.
23. Congratulate a woman on her fictional baby.
22. Miss an actuator on the Aggro Crag.
21. Spit all over yourself.
20. Walk into a tree.
19. Get flattened by a bike.
18. Aid pigeons in target practice.
17. Play a tasteless April Fool’s Day Joke.
16. Get a papercut.
15. Dance awkwardly with a stranger.
14. Pay in change.
13. Fail to check toilet paper status.
12. Hit head on a table.
11. Attend dinner theatre.
10. Choke on water.
9. Lose at Jenga.
8. Return an empty DVD case.
7. Fall over while proposing.
6. Be left hanging.
5. Miss a trash receptacle from two feet away.
4. Miscalculate a staircase.
3. Put a shirt on backwards.
2. Brush teeth incorrectly.
1. Write a blog.


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